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Re-Writing Relationships, a Panel Podcast

February 07, 2022 Academy of Integrative Mental Health
Conscious Mental Health
Re-Writing Relationships, a Panel Podcast
Show Notes

This month, we have very special episode all about relationships as part of our Re-Writing Relationships Starter pack, which has all kinds of resources, including worksheets you can use in session or for yourself, journal prompts, a blog post and more. If you sign up for our monthly newsletter, you will also have access to our themed playlist in which our team members select their favorite songs related to the monthly topic!

We also have a bonus episode, as part of this series, coming out later in the month with Tammy Berman about the Collaborative Divorce process. You won’t want to miss this resource! 

We put a call out about our Re-Writing Relationships to see if professionals had something to say about relationships that is a bit outside the box and comes from an integrative perspective (duh, that’s the whole point of this podcast). Anyway, we got a ton of responses and spoke with a group multi-disciplinary professionals. During our interviews, we noticed several themes and decided to organize this conversation, like a panel and grouped according to the themes. 

The reason why we choose the topic of Re-Writing relationships for this month is for one, Valentines Day is in Feb and can bring up a lot for many people. A lot of the content discussed in therapy revolves around relationships; whether that be relationship to self, other humans or beyond. Relationships involve our sense of belonging, connection and intimacy - which are important themes in human life. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

See our YouTube channel to watch/listen to the full conversation with each of our panelists! 

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