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Exploring Ourselves As Spirit with Robin Monson-Dupuis, LCSW, SAC, RYT

August 11, 2022 Academy of Integrative Mental Health
Conscious Mental Health
Exploring Ourselves As Spirit with Robin Monson-Dupuis, LCSW, SAC, RYT
Show Notes

In this episode, our director and co-founder Juniper sits down for a conversation with Robin Marie Monson-Dupuis, LCSW, SAC, RYT. Their beautiful discussion covers - 

  • Robin’s personal story of grief leading to the writing of her book, Spirit Son
  • exploring and understanding ourselves as Spirit 
  • how our own stories and experiences can influence the ways in which we do our work 
  • clinical and spiritual methods for working with grief and trauma, and the intersection of these perspectives
  • and more!

As a psychotherapist and yoga teacher with over 30 years of experience, Robin’s goal is to help her clients uncover, or rediscover, their strengths as an individual, find peace amidst stress, trauma, or the curve balls life throws their way. Together they work to introduce and solidify wellness practices into their lives, whether in their relationships with themselves, their partners, their family, or their work. Robin works with a wide variety of clients struggling with grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, stage of life issues, marital issues, spiritual crises, and substance abuse. She specializes in working with law enforcement and first responders.

About Robin’s book, Spirit Son
When Robin Monson-Dupuis, psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor, loses her son Ethan to a heroin overdose after an eight-year journey trying to help him stay alive, it shatters everything in her world. She finds her beliefs tested: her role as a mother, her faith, her marriage, and her purpose in this world.

Spirit Son: A Mother’s Journey to Reconnect with Her Son After His Death From Heroin Overdose is a courageous memoir detailing one mother’s story of surviving her unimaginable pain, beginning to heal, and even growing after her traumatic loss. This raw account of losing a child to the opioid epidemic and struggling to find peace offers honest analysis and reflections as well as a profound message of hope: that the everlasting bond between us and our loved ones can be embraced, even deepened, despite their physical death.

Where to find Robin and purchase her book:
RMM Wellness
Ethan’s Fund

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