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Recovery Unplugged with Betsi Kreshover

September 19, 2022 Academy of Integrative Mental Health
Conscious Mental Health
Recovery Unplugged with Betsi Kreshover
Show Notes

In this episode Juniper sits down with Betsi Kreshover, Director of Outreach- East Coast for Recovery Unplugged, a trailblazing organization focused on the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, to discuss-

  • what the Recovery Unplugged model looks like in action, using music as the "universal connector" in addiction recovery
  • how music and other expressive arts are integrated in a variety of ways to help clients feel seen and heard, process trauma, and foster connection
  • the history, reach, and success rates of Recovery Unplugged
  • the impact of COVID-19 on ability to provide service and level of demand for care
  • the importance of centering recovery around the client, meeting them where they are, and being open to multiple models of treatment

With 10 years of experience working in the behavioral health and private substance use disorder treatment field, Betsi shares that she's never seen a model or organization quite like Recovery Unplugged. By blending music with traditional approaches, Recovery Unplugged helps those recovering from addiction build trust, heal from trauma, and embrace recovery with empowerment, strength, and passion. In their own words, "Everyone connects with music, and most of us turn to it during our hardest times. Recovery Unplugged uses this connection to build trust with our clients and help them embrace lifesaving care". Recovery Unplugged focuses on the client, meeting them where they are with the understand that the historical or standard models of addiction treatment may not work for everyone. By being adaptable to each group and individual that comes into Recovery Unplugged, and using their unique music treatment model, their success outcome is up to 4x higher than the national average.

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