Conscious Mental Health

Embodying Consciousness with Nicole Sartini, LPCC

November 21, 2022 Academy of Integrative Mental Health
Conscious Mental Health
Embodying Consciousness with Nicole Sartini, LPCC
Show Notes

This conversation is with Nicole Sartini, LPCC, Executive Director and co-founder of Bridge Counseling and Wellness and Co-founder of The Academy of Integrative Mental Health. 

Nicole Sartini (she/her/hers) has been practicing therapy professionally since 2010 and has been working in the field as a non-professional since 1999. Sartini’s specialty centers around helping adults recovering from difficult childhoods, leaders looking to find more balance in their lives, and high-functioning individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression. She also specializes in assisting individuals going through major life changes such as: entering adulthood, starting or graduating from college, getting married, making job changes, and preparing for, or adjusting to, the birth of a child. Nicole’s counseling practice involves integrating traditional talk therapy with mind-body work through the practice of mindfulness, the use of diet and exercise, nutritional supplements, and an emphasis on developing a healthy self image.

Today, Nicole shares a bit about her path as a mental health professional, integrative group practice owner, and her philosophy supporting mind, body and soul. In this conversation, Nicole talks about self-knowledge and growth from a spiritually embodied perspective. 

A few notes about this episode. Because Nicole and I are business partners, close friends and passionate conversationalists, we ended up recording for a long time. I had to heavily edit this conversation, so please be aware that there are some rough and awkward transitions at times because I am by no means a professional editor, but I tried my best to cut and paste to include the highlights of our conversation.  -Juniper

Topics explored: 

  • Knowing and trusting yourself by listening within to the deeper “I” 
  • Operating from your personal truth
  • Embodied action to align with your beliefs 
  • Embracing the whole self while serving the greater good
  • Surrendering as a practice 
  • Guided embodiment practice that you can follow along with at the end of the conversation

You can connect with Nicole by following her on Instagram @edensidesanctuary or by visiting

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