Integrative Conversations

Therapists Need Therapy 2 with Erica Reevey, LCSW

October 14, 2020 Juniper Owens, LCSW
Integrative Conversations
Therapists Need Therapy 2 with Erica Reevey, LCSW
Show Notes

Erica Reevey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the states of Kentucky & Ohio. She graduated from Berea College with a Bachelor’s in Women Studies, University of Louisville with a Master’s in Social Work and Bellarmine University with a Master’s in Spirituality/Religion. As the CEO/Founder of Therapists Need Therapy 2, Erica focuses primarily on being the therapist for therapists and their immediate family members. Erica is also the CEO/Founder of Forward Solutions Counseling & Consulting where she works closely with students, families and teachers to bridge the gap between mental health & educational barriers. Additionally, as one of the Co-Founders of The Black Counseling & Consulting Collective nonprofit organization, Erica dedicates her time in the community by promoting the advancement of mental health and quality of care within the black community. Also serving as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Louisville, Erica continues her commitment to education teaching courses on but not limited to, research and social work . Erica is a loving mother and wife who’s favorite form of self-care is through traveling and seeing the world when she is not serving the community. Passionate about meeting people where they are, Erica vows to help them overcome past and current traumas. She believes that in order to heal we must ALL DO THE WORK!

Therapists Need Therapy 2, LLC also known as TNT2 is an EXCLUSIVE mental health agency that offers services and support to Mental Health Providers and their immediate family members in a SAFE SPACE. We are the Therapists for the Therapists. 


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