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Accelerated Resolution Therapy with Yolanda Harper, LCSW

November 23, 2020 Academy of Integrative Mental Health
Conscious Mental Health
Accelerated Resolution Therapy with Yolanda Harper, LCSW
Show Notes

We recently had an inspiring conversation with Yolanda Harper, LCSW, co-founder of Harper Therapy in Lutz Florida. Yolanda Harper is a therapist by trade — a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in trauma and post-traumatic growth — but her most meaningful work is to bear witness to people’s stories of struggle, strife, grit, and growth. Currently, she loves doing this work in individual and couples intensive format.

Yolanda is the the Founder and Director of Harper Therapy, a perfectly imperfect business owner, therapist, researcher, trainer, and teacher. She is a Master Accelerated Resolution Therapist, trainer, and TEDx Speaker. Yolanda currently resides in Florida, is a wife and mom to three human children and two therapy dogs — Goldendoodles Toby and Hobbes.

Check out her practice website, Harper Therapy!

Watch her TedX Talk about ART; The Power of Eye Movements

Link from intro:

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