Conscious Mental Health

Q & A - Nourishing While Navigating Covid and the Holiday Season with the Academy Team

December 08, 2020 Academy of Integrative Mental Health
Conscious Mental Health
Q & A - Nourishing While Navigating Covid and the Holiday Season with the Academy Team
Show Notes

December Greetings! This is the first of hopefully many segments on this podcast that is a conversation with our incredible team members and other amazing mental health professionals. Our curator of social operations, Rozlyn, recently asked folks on our social media accounts what questions they had around Covid and the Holiday season in general. We decided to meet up on zoom for this Q & A and share our ideas, thoughts and suggestions. We discuss sibling relationships, boundaries around Covid, isolation during this time, overwhelming emotions and much more. We also found our way into a conversation around being a mental health professional right now and during the Holidays and our personal strategies for caring for ourselves. Near the end of this episode, Stephanie shares a brain spotting technique for self-soothing and anxiety reduction, which is really cool and I have been using it frequently! 

If you are a mental health professional, we know how rewarding and draining it can be right now. One way we are supporting our colleagues is offering a free self-care for mental health professionals crash course. Check out our website, under courses and you can sign up now for a daily guided practice in your inbox every day for a week (and a super special bonus practice) if that support could be helpful for you. AND if you are listening today and want to give a gift to a mental health professional you love (or gift for yourself) we are offering a discount code for the month of December on all courses (even our 3CI certification course). Use the code TREATYOSELF for 15% off any online course in our collection

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