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Integrating CBD into Clinical Practice with Kelly Venuti, LMHC

February 05, 2021 Academy of Integrative Mental Health
Conscious Mental Health
Integrating CBD into Clinical Practice with Kelly Venuti, LMHC
Show Notes

This conversation focuses on CBD and clinical practice. You will learn about how CBD works, how to choose a supplement and resources to share with your clients who are interested in CBD. Our guest today is Kelly Venuti, LMHC, CEO and Founder of Concierge Holistic Wellness and Vitality Counseling and Brain Health Coaching. 

Kelly is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified CBD Consultant/Educator, Certified Brain Health Coach, and is working towards certification in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health. She is the founder of Concierge Holistic Wellness, where she provides integrative and holistic treatments for mental wellness. She believes the mind-body-spirit connection and guides her clients on their holistic healing journeys to optimal health and wellness.

Additional Resources:

If you would like recommendations on what CBD is right for you and want to learn how CBD can help you achieve your wellness goals, Kelly offers a 30 minute CBD Consultation in person and virtually across the United States.

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CBD Products

CBD Dosing Calculator

Institute of CBD Consultants  https://cbdcertificationprogramcom/

Society of Cannabis Clinicians

Practice Better

Thorne Supplements

Red Light Therapy

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Kelly can be contacted via email at or 727-275-7550

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